Michael Bruijn – Executive Coaching & Mentoring

I am an entrepreneur, strategist, and executive advisor. Whether you are a business owner, senior manager, or seasoned professional: I help you give direction to your own personal development, to the benefit of you and your company. For this, I bring my extensive business track record to the table, but also my philosophical and psychological knowledge and views. As to the latter, I work, amongst others, with the proven concepts developed by Carl Gustav Jung. I also believe in the idea-generating power of literature, history, the world of fine arts, the theatre, and the movies. In other words: I know and understand the business world, but am able to put it into perspective for you as well.

My coaching approach for you is always based on your individual needs, preferences, and budget. Emphasis may be on, for instance:

-maximizing your understanding of who you are and what you really want, in life and professionally;

-helping you improve your on-the-job effectiveness and leadership qualities;

-helping you unlock your true ambition and future career potential;

-supporting you in dealing with present or future changes in your company or career;

-supporting you in dealing with stress;

-helping you prevent or manage a career burn-out.

I offer hi-octane, fast-track coaching programs dedicated to specific, tangible, personal objectives, as well as longer-term regular mentoring. My approach goes beyond the regular conversation-only method: I’d like to trigger your mind and will share books (fiction, non-fiction, biographies), other publications, movies, and art that I feel you’ll find enlightening.

I have a track record of over three decades. Clients I have worked for: ams OSRAM, BNP Paribas, IBM, Philips, Robeco, Simmons & Simmons LLP – just to name a few. I also support innovative start-up ventures.

I am a published author as well. Check out my book, The Philosopher’s Toolbox for Entrepreneurs:

I hold an MBA degree from IMD Lausanne, Switzerland.

In addition, I hold a PLATO standardized, SNRO accredited certification in the field of psychosocial basic knowledge, recognized by Dutch health insurers.

I am fluent in English and German (and Dutch).

If you look for a sparring partner who understands the business world and your enterprise but definitely looks beyond it, do give me a call at +31 6 53286252. Or send me an e-mail: mfb@michaelbruijn.com.

Michael is a highly experienced and skilled mentor and coach, with a unique combination of deep business understanding and psychological knowledge and expertise of people and organizations. I am delighted to recommend Michael as a coach and mentor for senior professionals and executives.

Frans Scheper, President & General Manager Intel EMEA

I worked with Michael and was impressed by his professionalism. He is highly analytical, “on top of things”, has a refined sense for interpersonal relationships, and is versatile when it comes to helping create personal and/or business opportunities. He is dedicated to the achievement of results through mobilizing the human factor in the professional. As a person, he is flexible in his approach to people and diplomatic about their interests. His ability to listen well and to empathize as a discussion partner is quite exceptional. He also has an in-depth knowledge of relevant content. He has an innate drive to understand mankind by reading about history, art, psychology, etc. This makes him a strong professional and very pleasant person to work with.

Ard Westhof, Head of Human Resources, Houthoff, former Chief Operating Officer at Simmons & Simmons LLP